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Mercy Health Muskegon Bariatric Surgery Program




Getting Started – Decide What Weight Loss Program is Right For You

Our programs include:

Bariatric Surgery — our surgical weight-loss experts offer widely performed procedures that can reduce your risk of serious health conditions.

Eating Disorders Counseling — our Life Counseling team can help you work through food and eating issues and get you back on a healthy path.

Gastric Plication is a new bariatric surgery procedure for the moderately obese. Mercy Health Muskegon is the only location in Michigan to perform the procedure.

Mercy Health Weight Management — offers highly effective HMR® programs that include food delivery, personal coaching and medical supervision.

Teens on the Move — this 10-course program teaches teens about lifelong healthy nutrition and exercise habits.

To learn more about the weight management programs offered by our Center for Weight Management call 231-672-3648. For more information about bariatric surgery call 1-866-WEIGHOK (231-737-8446).

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